June 13, 2024
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WhatsApp Issues Today on Breach of Spyware

Facebook’s WhatsApp has recently released a publication urging all user of the application to kindly upgrade to the latest version of its messaging application, this was noted after it was discovered that users of the application might be vulnerable to having a sort of malicious software installed on its phone without the knowledge of the user.


According to an interview by CNBC’s Julia Bortin with the Facebook’s COO, she went ahead to assure users that WhatsApp is assembling a robust set of Engineers to discover the bugs that would be responsible for the privacy concerns surrounding the recent WhatsApp security breach, which Facebook owns.

The engineers would definitely find the bugs and close the bugs down, also other people are assisting in find these bugs this is the work WhatsApp is doing in ensuring that people have privacy over there information in a statement as she assures WhatsApp users.



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