May 18, 2024
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Step by Steps on how to use Whatsapp on Windows PC without connecting to Whatsapp web


Several users have left the question; can you use WhatsApp on Windows PC without connecting to Whatsapp web?

Since the 21th century, technology has constantly strive to make a lot of things easier for man, with the introduction of WhatsApp web at the comfort of your computer you can conveniently chat with your contacts on WhatsApp, send videos, contacts, send photos and receive alike, similar to when you are using your mobile phone.


Steps to using Whatsapp Web on Windows PC

Step 1: on your search bar input the web address

Step 2: with your mobile device, that has WhatsApp installed go to settings > WhatsApp web/Desktop and scan bar code on the web page

Following these steps would automatically log your WhatsApp Application into the PC.

One of the challenges stated by most users while using this method is that the mobile device has to be connected, and must remain connected before you can use the WhatsApp web on your PC unless the connection would be disconnected or lost

In view of resolving this challenge or complaint by most users Blue Stacks Technology company, which specialize in the production of Applications like the Bluestacks App Player which is a Software application that enables an android application to run on Windows PC Is the perfect solutions to this challenge or complaints by users.

Using this Bluestacks App Player user can now install this software on their PC, and you can send and receive messages on WhatsApp without connecting your phone device to an active network.

Below are the following steps to Install and Use Whatsapp on BlueStacks

Step 1: Download the Bluestacks Emulator software via bluestacks on your PC, once the software has been downloaded then you can install

Step 2: Make Sure the Google Play store is enabled in the Bluestacks software

Step 3: Download and install the WhatsApp application on your PC from the Google Play Store

Step 4: Lunch the application and enter your WhatsApp phone number

Step 5: Activate the WhatsApp application by inputting the activation code sent to your mobile number

Enjoy the application!!

Do you have any challenge while installing the software leave a comment below we love to hear from you?


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