Are you a frequent user of WhatsApp a messaging application, which is commonly used to send messages in almost all phone types including iPhones, Android also, below is a detailed step by step process of how to get most frequent WhatsApp issues resolved in 2020.


What to do if WhatsApp is not Updating

Below is the step by step details of what to so if WhatsApp is not updating;

Step 1: Check your phone storage to be sure you have enough space on your phone device before updating WhatsApp

Step 2: Go to the phone setting of the device, tap apps & notifications > App Info >Google Play Store        > Storage > Clear cache

Step 3: Be sure that the connection to the internet is stable, then restart the phone by putting off and putting it on.

Step 4: Try to update WhatsApp from Google Store or Apple App store > WhatsApp > Click update

Do leave a comment below if the steps worked or if you experienced any challenge.


WhatsApp activation issue

The common WhatsApp activation issue in 2019 involves verifying your number.

For Whatsapp to be activated, WhatsApp would send the activation code to the phone number used to verify WhatsApp, the other option involves WhatsApp calling the number used for activation the phone usually contains the code.

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WhatsApp web or code not loading

This is a common problem expressed when trying to load WhatsApp on the computer; after several trial and Error below is the step by step method of resolving the WhatsApp web or code not loading;

Step 1: Open the application called Google Chrome, in the address bar type WhatsApp web

Step 2: on the address bar would be displayed

Step 3: Click on the Secure with a lock sign on the address bar

Step 4: A pop-up screen would appear to click on cookie 8 in use (or the number displayed)

Step 5: the cookies set by page would be displayed, select and click on Remove

Step 6: Restart the Google Chrome Application then access WhatsApp web.

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Step By Step on Recovering Whatsapp backup in 2019

Do you need your WhatsApp restored from the backed up location; the below step by step details would show ways to recover deleted WhatsApp messages or WhatsApp chat history.

The three located where WhatsApp is backed up are as follows;

Step 1: go to Google play store and download a file manager app.

Step 2: As soon as the file manager app has been installed, go to SD card/WhatsApp/Databases.

Step 3: Just in case the data isn’t stored on the SD card, what you would see displayed is  “internal storage” or “main storage” instead of SD card.

Step 4: Rename the backup file you want to restore from msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12 to msgstore.db.crypt12

Step 5: in the 5th step note that It’s possible that an earlier backup may be on an earlier protocol, such as crypt9 or crypt10. Don’t change the number of the crypt extension.

Step 6: Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your mobile device

Step 7: Tap RESTORE when prompted to restore WhatsApp back up.

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WhatsApp not sending pictures

This is a common challenge experienced by most WhatsApp users, when the application is not downloading, pictures, documents, voice note or sending them.

Below is the step by step way of making WhatsApp send pictures, document and voice note

Step 1: Check if the device might have been having connectivity issues

Step 2: go to the setting of the device of your phone and set date and time but could have set incorrectly

Step 3: Ensure that the SD cards are working properly, also check if the SD card is set to a read-only mode

Step 4: Check the SD card to ensure that there’s enough space on the SD card.

Step 5: if there’s enough space on the SD card but you still cannot download any files to it from WhatsApp, you may need to delete WhatsApp data from your SD card

Please ensure you have a backup of the data before you delete the file on your computer.

Step 6: once your WhatsApp folder has been deleted. All of your WhatsApp media is now erased, WhatsApp will still open and all your chat will still be there, but your media files including photos, videos and audio files will be gone

Step 7: Restart your device by putting off and putting it on.

Am sure with these steps WhatsApp should be able to save your downloaded files.

Do leave a comment below if the steps worked or if you experienced any challenge.