During the time a lot of programmes would be installed on your window 8.1, which mean that over time the window would become unnecessarily slow, and you’ve thought about ways of resetting the window without losing your data

This article show step by step method of resetting your window 8.1 without losing your data.

Step 1: You need to log on to Windows 8.1 by typing your user name and password, press “Enter” button on the keyboard

Step 1 login into windows 8.1

Step 2: Then go to the right-hand corner of the screen, and then click on settings.

Step 2 go to settings

Step 3: Click on “change pc settings” “it should take a few seconds to pop up depending on the speed of your computer”.

Step 3 Change Pc settings

Step 4: on the right hand of the screen there are several option click update and recovery option.

Step 4 update and recovery

Step 5: The recovery option would then appear on the screen showing the following options.

Step 5 recovery option

Refresh your PC without affecting your files if you select this option, the computer would refresh without losing your phone, music, videos and other personal files

Remove everything and reinstall windows if you select this option you would recycle your pc to start all over again completely, resetting it to factory settings.

Advances Startup if you select this option it allows you to start up from a device or discs like a USB drive or DVD, change windows startup settings or restore windows from a setting image, then your pc would restart.

Select the Get Started link under refresh your pc without affecting your files, please note that this would take a while.

Step 6: the window would pop up a notification as stated below;

Step 6 refresh pc without affecting files

  • Your files and personalization setting won’t change.
  • Your Pc setting would be changed back to its default.
  • Applications from the windows store will be kept on the computer.
  • Apps you installed from disc and website will be removed.
  • A list of removed apps would be saved to your desktop.

Step 6a notification refresh pc without affecting files

Step 7: if you agree on the list you click next

Then a list of the apps to be reinstalled would be displayed, and then it would be saved on the desktop

Step 7 list of Apps to be reinstalled

Step 8: Then click next, the windows would display ready to refresh your PC, then click refresh.

Step 8 ready to refresh pc

It would take a few minutes for window to refresh PC, and then set up a few more things

Step 8a ready to refresh pc

Then you login to the windows, it would install Apps from the app store and start.

The desktop short cut to the list of apps, which you can reinstall if you want to.

I hope with these steps you’ve been able to reset windows 8.1 without losing data.

Did you have any challenge while applying these steps please leave a comment we would love to hear from you.