June 13, 2024

Polaris (Skye) Bank USSD Code for Money transfer to any account without Internet


Skye Bank which is now known as Polaris Bank Limited is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria with branches everywhere in Nigeria, mostly in Western Nigeria. Recently, Skye Bank is now known as Polaris Bank Limited now launched its unique shortcode for money transfers and other banks services.

These USSD Codes now prominent and recognized by respective banks in Nigeria is geared at encouraging the cashless policy currently in circulation and promoting easy bank service access from the comfort of your bedroom, home or office. Though, Skye Bank now known as Polaris Bank Limited the new unique code is peculiar for all services that codes is to Dial *833*amount*accountnumber# and follow the prompts from the phone registered with the account.

Before the availability of this code, for a Skye bank now Polaris bank Limited customer to transfer, it is required that he/she must have the mobile app which requires the availability of data to access the internet. This means for someone without a smartphone to carry out banking transactions such as to transfer money, he/she must step into a Skye Bank branch.

The Polaris (Skye) Bank USSD Code named *833# SkyeMobile. This code can be dialled from any phone irrespective of the phone model. Both internet and non-internet enabled phone can now perform banking transactions

Services of the USSD *833#
Below is the list of banking services that can be performed just by dialling this code.

  • Account Opening: With this USSD code, you can open a Skye Bank now Polaris Bank Limited Account at the comfort of your house without walking into any banking hall.
  • Airtime Top-up: With this USSD code, you can recharge your line and a friend’s line just with this code.
  • Account Balance: With this USSD code you can check your account balance in no time with this code.
  • Money Transfers: With this USSD code you can now transfer money to any bank in Nigeria and beyond by dialling this unique code
  • Bill payments: Pay your electricity bills are now easier With this USSD code also DSTV Bills and other miscellaneous bills with this code.

How to Transfer Money from Polaris (Skye) Bank to Polaris (Skye) Bank and other Banks without Internet

Below are the three steps

Step 1: From the phone number registered with your account, dial *833# then the send button

Step 2: Select the transfer option No. from the prompt displayed

Step 3: Follow the prompts that are displayed on the screen, and then enter the account number and bank name of the person you are transferring to.

In case of any challenge, you can call Polaris Bank Limited customer care Centre on 1800 626 505 or click here to chat with an Agent



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