Presidency Office of Digital Engagement (PODE), an In-house Digital Agency that also manages the twitter account @AsoRock  and @NGRPresident which is run by the renowned digital guru Tolu Ogunlesi just tweeted on the 13th of June 2016 about the presidency’s new address on Nairaland which is currently the Nigeria Most visited local site forum.

This is one of the Government strategies to prove that they are actively interested to start engaging with Nigeria, especially those citizens at the bottom of the pyramid, it appears to be working actively as at today.

Several Nigerian Twitter users have the below reactions to the news between the twitter account, which is a good job and a well developed and executed strategy by Mr, Tolu and the rest of the media Team.

Twitter Post

Nairaland Community has a reputation for being a community of interactive people even more than Linda Ikeji’s comment section, I think the Nigerian Government opening an account on Nairaland, would play out as a good strategy of keeping Nigerian Engaged about their various activities and a great task of managing the profile for Mr Tolu and his media team.

What other media strategy has the presidency engaged in especially in their current administration, leave a comment below would love to hear from you