October 3, 2023
I forgot my UBA transfer PIN
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I forgot my UBA transfer PIN

Do you have trouble remembering your PIN for UBA transfers or USSD transactions? If so, this guide helps UBA Bank holders experiencing similar challenges in registering, creating, or resetting their PIN for UBA Bank USSD transactions.

Step 1:

Ensure you have registered for a USSD transaction PIN

To register for the UBA USSD PIN, dial *919# from the line registered with your UBA Bank account (usually transaction SMS are sent to the line).

Step 2: The next prompt will ask you to enter your prepaid card or UBA Bank account number.

You will be required to follow the prompts, displaying the instructions that will be provided to create a four-digit transaction PIN.

What Is Required to Reset My UBA USSD TRANSACTION PIN?

To reset your UBA Bank USSD transaction PIN You will need the following steps

Access to the mobile phone number on which the UBA Bank account with PIN was registered.


Step 1: Dial *919# Next, select number 8. Choose number 6 for the next Press number 4 for PIN Setup Choose 1 for Reset PIN with Account Number.

Choose 2 to Reset PIN with Prepaid Card. Follow the next instructions and prompts provided on your screen. Enter your old 4-digit PIN

Finally, enter your new 4-digit PIN. What should I do if I forget the PIN for the UBA USSD TRANSACTION?

If you have failed to remember your UBA Bank USSD exchange PIN, you should visit the closest UBA Bank. Then request the customer service unit which would provide fundamental help with reactivating or resetting your PIN.

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