As opposed to other networks which increased their charges, Airtel added a data plan which is customer friendly. The smartphone network, as they are called, makes your smartphone your friend with their amazing data bundles. This is evident in the 1.5GB data plan, remaining 1000 Naira and not being increased to 1200 Naira, as every other network provider has done.


Airtel YouTube plans are data plans that allow you to binge videos as much as you want and still save data and money.

Providing you with unlimited access to YouTube videos at night, when the network is fast and problem-free, from 1 am to 5 am.



This is your pass to the YouTube show going down at whatever time.

* The YouTube weekly and monthly plans allow you unlimited access to YouTube seven days of the week and monthly, in the morning and at night.

* The YouTube night packs allows you to watch your favourite YouTube videos all night long till 5 am.

*  The YouTube plus packs allow you to use both your normal data and your YouTube data all not long.


As seen above, the Airtel YouTube plan is nothing but a regular data plan that is only exhaustible at the end of the month or weekly, as the case may be. This service can be used by new and existing customers.


To subscribe;

Dial *323# and follow the options to select the most suitable plan for you.

To check your Airtel Youtube data balance, dial *410#. 

How to subscribe to Airtel YouTube data streaming TV IP plan visit to view to subscribe to Airtel YouTube data in Nigeria today