October 3, 2023

How to retrieve lost\forgotten WAEC examination centre 



In light of the recent release of the WASSCE results, candidates have been curious as to whether they can check their results without their examination number.


The truth is, that is the only available means for checking your result. But if you no longer remember your examination number, this article will walk you through retrieving it so you can check your result.


The Examination number is an easy combination. The first 7 numbers being your Centre number and the last 3 numbers as your seat number.


You have to know the name of the School in which you did your examination. There is a list online with school names and their centre numbers. When you find your genre number, simply add your 3 digit seat number and you have your examination number.


If you have forgotten the name of your Examination centre, you will have to go to school and speak to the principal. Every WASSCE Examination centre has a master list – a list containing names and examination numbers of all previous WASSCE candidates.


The last resort will be going to swear an affidavit in court for loss of examination number or photo card. When you have done that, you will take the sworn affidavit and passport photograph to WAEC office where you will be charged 2500 Naira to retrieve the number.


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