June 13, 2024

How To Increase Transfer Limit on GTB 737 & Mobile App

How To Increase Transfer Limit on GTB 737 & Mobile App

One of the essential bank transactions that one cannot do without is the transfer of money. Since each bank has a transfer limit that prohibits customers from transferring more than a certain amount, even in an emergency, it is necessary to understand how to increase the transfer limit on GTB 737 and other GTB banking channels.

When sending money, the maximum amount can be transferred using the GTB mobile app and other GTB channels.

I’m happy you’re reading this post for the steps to raise your GTB 737 banking transfer limit because this post will give you the necessary answer to the issue that has been found.

GTBank Transfer Limit

Before considering increasing your 737-transfer limit, you should know the fundamentals of GTBank mobile banking. Once you know the maximum transfer limit, you may extend it.

As of this blog post, the daily transfer limit for savings accounts on the GTB mobile app is two million Naira, while the maximum transfer limit for checking accounts is five million Naira.

This suggests you can transfer up to two million Naira or five million Naira in a single day. Upon reaching your daily limit of two million Naira or five million Naira, you must wait until the following day to begin a new money transfer transaction via the USSD or the bank App.

Mobile App

You know your daily transactions are at most two million or five million Naira, respectively. Please keep using your app in that manner. However, if you know that your daily transactions consistently exceed or are about to exceed that limit, continue reading this guide to learn how to increase the transfer limit on the GTBank mobile app and the USSD 737.

How To Increase Transfer Limit on GTB Mobile App

You must have already used the GTBank mobile banking app to raise your transfer limit. If you haven’t done so, head to the iOS or Play stores to download the software to your phone.

Launch the app and register for mobile banking services. It’s simple, and once the app is launched, you can follow the instructions.

The only option to raise your transfer limit on the GTBank mobile app is to obtain the GTB hardware token, which is the next step. You should read on if you’re wondering how to obtain the hardware token!

How To Get GTB Hardware Token

Your bank can only issue the hardware token, so you must go to the GTBank branch closest to you, speak with a customer service agent there, and make your request. Once you do, you’ll get the token and comprehensive usage instructions.

You can use your savings account to transfer up to five million Naira daily with the hardware token, which is reliable and more secure.

This token is also available online. Click here to download the GT Bank Online Token.

Nevertheless, you can also raise the GTB daily transaction limit without a hardware token; you only need to go to the GTBANK branch closest to you and inform the customer service agent that you would like to raise your daily transfer limit.

A form will be sent for you to complete; ensure it is filled out correctly and sent back to customer support for accurate data entry and documentation.

How To Increase Transfer Limit on GTB 737

When your ATM card expires, or you apply for one for the first time, the GTB 737 transfer limit is quite modest. However, it instantly increases the moment you renew it or request one.

However, you can visit the closest GTBank branch in your area to request a further increase in your GTB 737 transfer limit if, even after activating your ATM card, you still need to change the restriction.

GTB *737# Banking Vs GTBank Mobile Banking

I understand that you’re curious to discover what the GTBank 737 banking and the USSD banking have in common and what they don’t, as they are the same thing and may also be referred to as the GTB offline banking technique.

To better understand what each banking method is capable of, I have compared the two in this section on increasing the transfer limit on GTB 737.

One of the two banking methods that enables you to conduct simple transactions on your bank account from the comfort of your home is GTBank USSD code banking. You can conduct transactions using the GTB USSD code banking system whenever and wherever you choose, and you don’t even need an internet connection to utilize it.

You can conduct transactions on any kind of phone, including feature phones and smartphones, by using the USSD code.

You may access the mobile app banking only on smartphones; it needs minimal data and an internet connection to function.

Both approaches are straightforward and facilitate transactions for all parties; however, one requires data while the other does not.

How Much Are the GTB Charges Per Transaction

The amount the bank charges for your transaction is not constant; the more money being moved, the more it will cost you.

For instance, you will be charged ₦10 for transfers between 1000 and 5000 Naira and an additional 75kobo for VAT, totalling ₦10.75 for transactions under five thousand Naira.

You will be charged a total of ₦25 and ₦50 of the transferred amount if it is more than 5,000 naira. If it is more than 10,000 naira, you will not be charged.

In conclusion, this guide explains everything you need to know about the transfer limit, including how to use it and the best way to increase it. It does not only teach you how to increase the transfer limit on the GTBank mobile app. Detailed instructions on increasing the transfer limit on the GTB 737 and the GTBank mobile app are provided above.

Nevertheless, please get in touch with the closest GTBank branch in your region and request if you require any confidential assistance or need to increase your GTBank transfer limit beyond what is covered in this article.


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