Play Station 4 themes are made up of images, texts and sounds. They make up the visual and sound aspect of the OS of the PS4 for the users’ comfort.


The PS4 themes are divided into two:

  • Static themes
  • Dynamic themes


Static themes are like normal images. When applied, the image is displayed on the screen permanently until you decide to change it.


Dynamic themes, on the other hand, have audio and visual effects or changes. They are not static and remaining in one position.

The images and sound changes, either when a button is pressed or by itself. The point is that the effect does not remain the same.



PS4 themes can be downloaded for free on the PlayStation store. You can also buy themes for additional costs.

  • From the main page of the PlayStation Store.
  • Look for the field ‘Themes’ in the side menu bar.


To install the themes;

  • Go to your PS4 settings.
  • Choose the Themes option and select the option, ‘Select theme’ to pick your preferred Theme. 



  • Crash Bandicoot N-sane Trilogy launch theme –  this is a dynamic theme from Sony’s Almost Mascot.
  • The Witcher 3 – the Witcher has a variety of themes available om for free on the PlayStation store.
  • God of war, our journey waits – this is a dynamic theme.


To find free PS4 themes;

  • From the theme selection screen, click ‘Find themes in PlayStation store’.
  • Use the filter option to find free themes.
  • Search and you will find a variety of themes for you to pick from.