Recently one of our users asked us is it possible to have the date of a published post on word press changed? Either making the date, time of the published post more recent or to seem like an older post. The answer is yes you can.

Word press allows you to make changes to the post date, time or you can also schedule post at a later date and time

In this article, I would show you step by step method of changing the published date and time of a word press post

Step 1: Go to the word press admin area login

To go to the word press admin area, enter your website/wp-admin, for example, on the search bar

Step 2: Then enter the WordPress username or email and password

wp-login page


Once the login is successful you would see the word press admin back end displayed on your screen


wordpress backend


Step 2: Go to the right-hand corner, on the post editor screen > Publish Meta box >publish immediately > Edit link >post time and date setting.

Post editor screen

Click the edit link

Edit link cliked in the post editor screen

Then click ok to change the post date and time

Please note that you can use to date and time settings, to choose any date and time, either in the past or in the future.

Choosing a future date and time allows you to schedule the post to be published at the selected date and time in the future

Changing the date and time of a post also changing the position of that post on your archive for example if the post was changed from January to February, the post automatically moves to your archive post for the month of February.

I hope with these steps you’ve learned how to change Word press Publish date and time.

Did you have any challenge while changing WordPress Publish date and time leave a comment below?

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