June 13, 2024

Step by Step on How to Bypass Verizon LG 4G Activation Screen


Verizon LG 4G is a good device that has an excellent ability to take clear photos especially in low lighting with the f/1.8 aperture lens camera, with a 16 Mega Pixels back camera, displaying groundbreaking to cutting-edge design, it browses on 4G LTE and it runs the Android OS 4.2.2.

One of the prominent issue with Verizon LG 4G is that the user might have to do a reset of the phone device back it is normal either using the reset option or using a combination of keys to hard reset the mobile phone device. Then you would receive a prompt on the screen to activate the device so that it then loads to the home screen which is the first set up on the device

Below is the step by step method to bypass the LG 4G Action Screen Prompt.

Step 1: Ensure that the mobile phone is on

Step 2: The next prompt on the screen of the device would be the setup wizard screen, and then select the English language as your language of choice

Step 2 Set Up Wizard

Step 3: Press the volumes up button once, followed by the volume down button kindly ensures you remove your finger from the up button.

Step 3 Volume Button

Step 3a Volume Button

Step 4: Press the back button on the Verizon LG 4G Device

Step 4 Press Back Button

Step 5: Press the search button on the Verizon LG 4G Device

Stestep 5 Press the search Button

Step 6: Press the Home button on the Verizon LG 4G Device

Step 6 Press the Home Button

Step 7: Select the option “Leave Wizard”

Am sure with these steps you’ve been able to Bypass Verizon LG 4G Activation Screen.

Did you have any challenge while applying the following steps leave a comment below?

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