If you have been in situations where you urgently needed data but could not purchase data because your bank application or USSD was down, or you could not get credit to buy, Airtel Ng has done this for you, a means where you can get data before actually getting data.


Just like Airtel introduced borrowing of airtime, they have not added borrowing of data to the list.


* The first step to borrowing data or airtime is to ensure you are eligible for an advance. Your line must have been active for a minimum of three months and must have been recharged within those three months for you to be eligible for an advance.

* Dial *500# or *121# from your Airtel mobile number.

* Select option 3 for Borrow data.

* Select how much data you want to borrow.

* Or you can dial *500*amount# for airtime and use the airtime to buy data.

* The Aitel talk time advance allows you to keep talking when you run out of data.


A fee of 15% is deducted from every advance you get. To get an advance, it is important that you have no outstanding advances.