June 13, 2024
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How to borrow data from 9mobile/Etisalat

This article is for people who want to borrow data on 9mobile but have forgotten the code.


The 9mobile tariff plans have been amended. The data plans have also been reviewed just to suit their customers.


More than ever, we now need more data, the plans are quite affordable and even when we can not recharge to renew our data, 9mobile has a plan for its customers with 9mobile more credit. 


This is 9mobile’s way of giving back to its customers by allowing them a data advance and letting them pay back on their next recharge.


This plan has and is still helping a lot of people and small businesses who need to stay on their game.


The plus side of this advance is you pay whenever you recharge. You are not being harassed to pay up by anyone.


However, there is a possibility they not paying your airtime loan in time reduces your chances of a next loan and amount.



* You can send a text message or dial a code for 9mobile more credit.

* To check if you are eligible for more credit, dial *665# or send STATUS to 665.

* There is a 15% fee charged from every advance.

* You can pay back whenever.

* This Plan or service is available to all 9mobile prepaid customers.



* The service is available to all prepaid customers.

* Your line must be registered and active.

* You should have no outstanding payments.


How to Borrow Data.

* Dial *665#.

* Select option 2 for borrow data.

* Press 1 to choose the amount.

* You can borrow up to 1.5GB. You will be paying back with an interest fee.

* Your line will be recharged with your data advance.

* Or you can send STATUS to 665.


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