June 13, 2024
Mobile Networks

How to borrow airtime from Glo Nigeria Network



This is a service that allows eligible Glo prepaid customers to use airtime on credit whenever they are out of airtime. This airtime advance will, however, be deducted from the subscribers next airtime top-up.


To use Glo borrow me, you must have been an existing Glo customer for a minimum of four months.


To borrow airtime, dial *321# or *321*amount# that is *321*500#. Note that a fee will be charged for every airtime advance.


 You can borrow as low as 50 Naira and as much as a thousand Naira or more, depending on your average monthly recharge.


Glo NG has also made it possible for customers to borrow not only airtime but data too from 50MB to 1000MB(1GB).


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