June 13, 2024
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GTBank daily transfer limit increased to 5 million.

This article informs you about all the daily transaction limits of the Guarantee Trust Bank(GTB/GTBank).


  • Transfers are limited to five million Naira(5,000,000).
  • Cash withdrawals are limited to a hundred and fifty thousand Naira(150,000).
  • The ATM transfer limit to other banks outside the country is limited to three hundred dollars($300), which is about a hundred and fifteen thousand Naira.

Initially, transfers were at a limit of one million Naira. Then, more people had more needs, so GTBank increased the limit to three million Naira.

But with the people’s increased need to make transactions, the Guarantee Trust bank has recently increased the limit by two million, making it five million Naira(5,000,000).

This means you can only transfer a maximum of five million Naira to someone in a day. Anything above that amount has to be done the next day.

Withdrawals have also been limited to a hundred and fifty thousand Naira daily. On the bright side, it helps you save money.

An International ATM withdrawal is also limited to three hundred dollars daily. A one thousand two hundred Naira(1,200) service fee is charged for every ATM withdrawal outside of Nigeria.

For the Mobile Banking app, since its main purpose is to bring banking to its customers in their comfort, transfers of as much as five million Naira can be carried out daily.

It is important to note that POS transactions and transactions involving the mobile banking application are free.

The bank, however, charges a monthly fee for SMS charges.



The USSD, or as it’s commonly called, 737 banking, is the easiest and most stress-free form of banking available to all GTB registered customers. It is available every hour and every day of the week.

Not every transaction on the 737 banking requires additional charges.

It is available to everyone, both with a smartphone or a regular cell phone without the internet as it does not even require internet.

All you have to do is dial *737#, and you will see various things that can be done via this service.

It can also be used to purchase airtime and settle bills.


 This type of banking requires internet services to be used. All you have to do is visit https://www.gtbank.com/Online_Banking. You will be required to use some information to register for online banking, which you will use to login in the future.


The GTBank mobile banking application is strictly for smartphone users. An internet connection is required to use this service. You must first download the application from your AppStore, which is available on all devices.

Then, you will follow the steps to create a profile. The banking application allows you to carry out all sorts of transactions, including buying airtime for yourself and a third party.


The ATM Banking system allows you to carry out all sorts of transactions, including withdrawals. You will need your ATM debit or credit card and a four-digit transaction PIN.


A point of Sale Terminal(POS Terminal) is a portable device that allows cards to carry customers to conduct transactions from anywhere with the help of the machine.

For every transaction, there is a fee deducted from your account.


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