The characteristics of computers that have created them thus powerful and universally useful are speed, accuracy, diligence, versatility and storage capacity.

Let us discuss them briefly.

Computer and Office Applications

Speed: Computers work at an incredible speed. A powerful computer system which include laptop is capable of performing about 3-4 million simple instructions per second.

Accuracy: Additionally to being quit to performing computer operations, computers are also accurate. Errors that would occur during the computer operations can nearly always be attributed to human error (inaccurate data or knowledge, poorly designed system or faulty instructions/programs written by the programmer)

Diligence: Unlike human beings, computers are highly consistent. They do not suffer from human traits of tedium, boredom and fatigue resulting in lack of concentration. Computers when compared to human beings in performing voluminous and repetitive jobs.

Versatility: Computers are versatile machines and are capable of performing any task as long because it will be attenuated into a series of logical steps. The presence of computers can be seen in virtually every operations and sphere – manufacturing, Railway/Air reservation, Banks, Hotels, Weather forecasting and many more.

Storage Capacity: Modern computers can store large volumes of data usually in gigs and bite. A piece of information once recorded (or stored) in the computer system including a laptop, `and there can never be a scenario where the computer systems fail to recall and can be always retrieved every details stored in it almost instantaneously