June 13, 2024

Everything you need to know about GTB coins

GTB coins have been the trend in recent times as many of our users have asked questions such as;

  • What are GTB coins about?

  • What are the uses of GT coins?

  • What is the exact value of GT coin?

  • How to get the GT coin?

  • What is GTCoins validity?

  • How to redeem accrued GTCoins?

What is GTB Coins About?

Since the recent outburst of MMM and other Ponzi schemes in the Nigeria market scheme, the wave of cryptocurrency has been on a high increase in Nigeria and the world at large are getting conversant with the term Coins, such that even Traditional Banking Institutions such as GT Bank are joining the line.

GTCoins which means the Guaranty Trust Bank own cryptocurrency named GTCoins to the series of the list in Nigeria.

GTCoins is one of GTBank added feature of cryptocurrency to their many banking services through the use of the USSD 737 mobile service, in which virtual coins which is referred to as GT Coins are usually given to the users of this USSD service. These GTcoins are credited to users account for every time they make a transaction using the 737 USSD Code Service.

Customers of GTBank that frequently use the USSD 737 service, you must have come to the prompt or notification saying “Dear customer, you have earned 10 GTCoins. Redeem amazing deals with your GTCoins on the internet banking or Fastest fingers only.” After you performed a transaction using the USSD 737 banking service.

GTCoins can be referred to as the customer’s loyalty reward the bank has put in place to encourage their customers who use the USSD 737 platform for transactions usually For every transaction done, a customer gets a certain amount of coins. This serves as an incentive to encourage customers of GTBank to continue using the service, aiming to use it to help aid business transactions, to explore the opportunities, financial gains and available in the cryptocurrency world.

The Benefits of GT Coins

Below is the list of  benefits that comes with gaining GTcoins after using the USSD 737 service, when enough coins are accumulated;

  1. The GTcoins can be used to purchase ₦1000 worth of airtime from any network to your phone.
  2. The GT coins can also be used to Purchase items like Perfume, Canon Camera and other gifts which depends on your available GT coins and how much the item cost at that time.

How to gain more GTCoins

You can get the GTCoins by using USSD 737 Code for mobile banking or internet banking app As the more often you used the USSD 737 code for transactions for example for every transaction such as purchasing airtime, money transfer etc, 5 GTCoins is given to you

What is the value of GTCoin

Below is the value of accrued GTcoin.
200 GTCoins = ₦1000 worth of airtime
600 GTCoins = purchase a Perfume
1000 GTCoins or above = purchase a Canon Camera or other amazing gifts.

GTCoins validity

GTCoins is valid for only one month if you don’t redeem the GTCoins at the end of the month, it will not be added to the next month, that is, it is inevitably lost.

Steps to redeem accrued GTCoins
Below are the following steps to redeem accrued GTCoins

Step 1: Login to your internet banking platform from your mobile device or computer

Step 2: On the My Account  & GTCoins drop down, click on the word “Redeem GTCoins”

Step 3: Automatically it would generate dialogue box, click on the GTCoins Deal to see the value of your accumulated GTCoins for the month

Step 4: Enter token details for authentication or answer secret question and click submit to redeem GTCoins successfully.

PLEASE NOTE it only through the internet banking GTCoins can be redeemed, so much have your internet banking user name and password.

To register for internet Banking visit GTBank and register online with your ATM Card details and pin.


Call the Gtbank Customer care line at the back of your ATM Card to request for an instant Internet Banking ID Today.



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