October 3, 2023

Computer Click Explained

In our previous article, our users have asked, what is a computer click?

This article we would answer all the questions that relate to computer click.

Computer click cannot be defined without first knowing what a computer mouse is;

Computer Mouse


A computer mouse is a peripheral device of a computer, usually handheld pointing device that is used to detect two dimensional motion relative to the surface in which the computer mouse is placed, which usually translates to the motion of the pointer on the on the display device usually the screen or Monitor which allows for smooth control of the graphical user interface.


What are the main functions of a mouse to a computer user?

A mouse is usually used to point cursor around on the screen, enabling user to select, hover, click, double clicking and drag respective items on the screen, while placing the mouse on a plane.


What are the types of a mouse?

There are three basic types of a mouse for computer users, which are

  1. Optical mouse
  2. Wireless mouse
  3. Trackball mouse

Optical mouse: This type of mouse is called optimal because of the mouse having infrared sensitivity technology and this type of mouse is quite prominent these days in Africa and the world.

Optical Mouse

Wireless Mouse: this type of mouse is called wireless because of its feature of not have the wire attached to the mouse.

Wireless Mouse

Trackball Mouse: This a computer peripheral device, which has a trackball that is pointing device consisting of a ball, held by a socket containing usually a sensor usually to detect the rotation of the ball about the two axes.

Trackball Mouse


Which finger should be used for dragging the mouse?

Using for individuals that are right handed to get a better grip, kindly bend your thumb at the first joints so that it takes a position that rests firmly against the side of the mouse, then you can use your index finger to click the left button and the middle finger to click the right one, in the middle of those two buttons on the mouse is a small wheel, which allows users to scroll on pages. On the bottom of the mouse is a sensor that allows the mouse to detect the area to move to.

mouse movement


What is right clicking?

Right-clicking on the mouse is an act of clicking the right button on the mouse to select an item or object in the graphical interface usually displayed on the screen.


What is left clicking?

Left clicking on the mouse is an act of clicking the left button on the mouse to view options on the item the mouse is pointing to in the graphical interface usually displayed on the screen.


What is double clicking?

Double click on the mouse is the act of pressing the mouse attached to a computer; button twice usually in quick succession. This is done in order to select a computer file, program or a particular function.

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