October 3, 2023

Code to check your phone numbers on MTN, GLO, AIRTEL


It’s so common to hear people say they don’t know their phone numbers. When you tell someone you don’t know your phone number, they find it annoying and almost always never believe you.


The multiple sim mobile phones have encouraged people to have more than one SIM card since they would not have to carry so many phones around. Sometimes, they have as much as two or three SIM cards from the same network.


Every network provider is always on the top of its game trying to give their customers something that the other network provider does not have, and better than what they have.


This article is all you need to know about retrieving your phone number with easy steps.


For self-help.

For MTN;

  • From the SIM card, you want to know the number, dial *123#.
  • Press 1 and follow the steps. Your phone number will be displayed and sent to you as a text message with no additional charge.

For 9mobile;

  • Dial *248# from the mobile number you want to retrieve and follow the steps.
  • Your phone number will be sent to you via text message.


For Glo;

  • Dial 777*# and your mobile number will be displayed on the screen.


For Airtel;

  • Dial the code *121# and follow the steps. Your mobile number will be displayed on the screen.


Alternative ways to check your mobile number.

Using a mobile application.

* You need to download your network provided mobile application from your AppStore:

– MTN – My MTN.

– GLO – My Cafe.

– Airtel – My Airtel.

  • Sign up and register by providing all necessary information.
  • Log into your account and click on the options menu. Then click on My number. Your number will be displayed on the screen.


Customer care.

  • Dial the call centre number from the mobile number you would like to retrieve.
  • For MTN, 180 or 181. For Airtel, 111 or 120. For Glo, 121. And 200 for 9mobile.
  • Listen to the options and select the one that will transfer you to a customer care representative.



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