June 13, 2024
Computer Professionals News

Nunu Ntshigila Head of Africa at Facebook.

Nunu Ntshingila is one of the prominent tech as role models in Africa, this is because you can learn so much from their.

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Become a UX Designer Today

Recently one of our users has expressed his utmost desire to become a UX designer creating a meaningful user experience. This programme is.

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Nigeria Presidency Opens Account on Nairaland

Presidency Office of Digital Engagement (PODE), an In-house Digital Agency that also manages the twitter account @AsoRock  and @NGRPresident which is run by.

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Applications News Security Tips

WhatsApp Issues Today on Breach of Spyware

Facebook’s WhatsApp has recently released a publication urging all user of the application to kindly upgrade to the latest version of its messaging application,.

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