June 13, 2024
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Become a UX Designer Today

Recently one of our users has expressed his utmost desire to become a UX designer creating a meaningful user experience. This programme is for you, don’t worry the programme is designed to be flexible to fit into your schedule enabling you to hone new skills.

Butter Academy is an online academy with a designed online course and watch series of videos to master the fundamentals of UX design for your UX career to take off.

User Experience Design is one of the best jobs today & it’s in demand in the computing industry.

What would you learn?

  • How to create a user-friendly website & applications from scratch.
  • How to solve real-life problems using design solutions.

You would also receive a certificate of completion upon, completion of the programme

Some of the courses include the fundamentals of UX design, User research, information Architecture, wireframes & prototypes, usability testing and final project for completion of the programme.

Butter Academy also helps users add skills to existing careers as a Designer, developer and project manager.

become a UX deisgner today

Click here to get more information about the programme.

Interested in joining the academy click here



I am an I.T Professional with years of experience delivering top-notch IT services in an enterprise environment a football nerd and a lover of providing solutions to ICT related

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