October 3, 2023

About Me

kenneth obunadike

This is my opportunity to help you understand the person behind this Blog. I am an I.T Professional with years of experience delivering top-notch IT services in an enterprise environment a football nerd and a lover of providing solutions to ICT related issues.


I have demonstrated track records of leading and proffering solutions in areas of Data Base Administration, Web Development, Social Media Platform Management, Monitor & maintain the computer systems & network server of the organization, Installing & configuring computer systems, Email Set up, database administration, diagnosing hardware & software malfunctioning, solving technical & application Problems.

Interpreting & analyzing various clients & enrollee data using PowerPoint, Microsoft tools to provide reports for management in decision making. Using Vtiger CRM & Card studio software tools in printing healthcare cards, sorting & batching Healthcare cards also Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marking in order to generate clientele base for an organization.

Well guess that’s a lot you may say but I also keep learning new things and constantly improving myself.

Also, I possess an adequate flair for Cyber Security and also in areas of identifying, analyzing and interpreting trends or pattern in complex data sets, providing data by reviewing report, printout and other performance indicators to locate likely problems. This could drive an organization to be in a world class position.

I applied much of what I’ve learned as an IT professional, I started a website and began doing what I do best: To write a lot of solutions for IT issues!


My Core Values

This is the most difficult section for me to write “About Me,” but it’s an important one.

First and foremost, I value my family though am not married, but I value having one enjoying life with them in the future and I value evenings and weekends. I value holidays, reading and studying the Bible.

Although I realize the importance of money, I do not obsess over it. I am motivated by building the life I desire with my family in the future, far more than any desire for money or fame.

I rarely travel. While I will do the occasional public speaking gig, a life of being constantly on the road is not desirable to me.

I value honesty and authenticity. I dread deception and manipulation, my goal for my life and my business is to make a difference.

Along the way, I hope to be successful enough to help my family live comfortably while I also try to understand and appreciate different cultures and the value of hard work.

Lastly, am also on social media; FacebookInstagram & LinkedIn you could view my profile to know more.

I Have Free Stuff, Too!

It’s possible that you are interested in getting updates, once a recent solution is posted on my blog that’s fine, this website can still help you. My free blog posts retain the high value that may be perfect for you.


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