June 13, 2024

About Me

Embark on a journey through the tech realm with me – your guide to the convergence of HR expertise and IT finesse. I’m not just a Tech Savvy Human Resources Professional; I’m your go-to for unraveling the intricacies of IT services in the corporate arena.


Picture this: A football enthusiast on the field of solving ICT puzzles. From Database Administration to Web Development, I’ve left my mark, ensuring seamless operations in computer systems and network servers. Email setups, database wizardry, hardware troubleshooting – you name it, I’ve navigated it.

But there’s more to the story. Armed with Vtiger CRM and Card Studio, I’ve delved into healthcare card printing, blending technology with the art of Content Creation, SEO, and Digital Marketing. The goal? Cultivating a robust clientele base.

I’m not just a practitioner; I’m a perpetual learner. Digital Marketing is my forte, evolving around the captivating strategies and tools employed to engage and convert audiences in the digital landscape. It includes the allure of data analytics, the art of crafting compelling content, and the dynamic nature of social media platforms toward world-class status.

So, why the blog? It’s simple – sharing the wealth of knowledge acquired. From IT conundrums to groundbreaking solutions, this is where I spill the digital ink.

My Core Values

Beyond the technical realm, my core values shape my path. Family is paramount, evenings and weekends are sacred, and holidays are cherished. Money is a means, not an end – building a future with family takes precedence over fleeting desires.

Authenticity guides my journey. No deception, no manipulation – just a genuine effort to make a difference. Success, to me, means comfort for my family and a nuanced appreciation of diverse cultures and hard work.

I rarely travel. While I will do the occasional public speaking gig.

Social media? Catch me on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn – the digital extension of my multifaceted world.

But hey, there’s more! Freebies await – subscribe for updates on the latest solutions, and dive into high-value blog posts. The journey is just beginning, and I invite you to join me in decoding the language of tech and HR synergy

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