June 13, 2024
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9 Fact about Agbalumo the second would shock you

Chrysophyllum africanum or Chrysophyllum albidum is known by three names; 

  • Agbalumo amongst the Yorubas, 
  • Udara by the Igbo
  • African star apple by the English. 


Agbalumo is a delicious reddish fruit common in Africa with a sticky body and a milky sour taste.

The fruit is more reddish on the inside, and with every press of the fruit, a milky juice is expelled. The sticky insides of the Agbalumo are also commonly used as chewing gum.


The Agbalumo seed(called Paki by some people), is sucked till the sticky flesh on it is removed to reveal a reddish-brown seed. The seed can be used to; 

  • play games
  • A form of beautification by females
  • It is often broken into half and the inner components used to cook soup.


In this article, you will learn some facts about Agbalumo.



The African star Apple has been found to give some health benefits;

1.It contains more Vitamin C/Ascorbic than that found in Orange. This helps to fight against and prevent scurvy.


2.Studies and Research conducted by Covenant University showed Agbalumo reducing blood sugar and cholesterol. And also aided in the treatment and prevention of heart diseases.


3.It helps fight against sore throat, constipation and toothache.


4.The seed is often used to treat skin diseases in some parts of Nigeria.


5.The roots, barks and leaves of the Agbalumo tree can be used in treating ailments such as cough, yellow fever, high blood pressure and so on.


6.Agbalumo is a natural antioxidant booster that helps in removing free radicals from oxidative stress disorders.


7.Phytochemicals such as Tannins, flavonoids, terpenoids, proteins, carbohydrates and resins are present in Agbalumo.


8.Agbalumo contains up to 3g of fiber out of the daily recommendation of 25g to 38g. Fiber helps your stomach feel full and this aids weight loss.


 9.Thereis a believe that Agbalumo helps in fighting cancer and diabetes.



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