Edna Buchanan has said that friends are the family that we choose for ourselves. As opposed to a family that we have no option, Friendship is an intentional decision you make.



 It is common to see people lose their identity and sense of being in new relationships, especially in teenage and formative years. It is important that you maintain who you are and what makes you you. It is important that you are honest and genuine in your doing with others.



It is very inappropriate to spread a rumour about anyone. Especially one you call your friend. If you hear something confusing about someone and you are not sure what to do, it is important to speak to them and hear their side. Let them know they can trust you.

Do not go about telling other people. Also, if you have a problem with someone or have been offended by someone, let them know. Do not go telling the whole group, especially if you haven’t told them. You are allowed to seek advice concerning confusing situations involving friends. This is not the same thing as gossiping.



If someone says something about a friend of yours, do not be quick to judge them. Always make it an attitude to listen to their own side of the story before forming your own opinion. Don’t be quick to fault them. Make others see good and not bad in your friends.



This involves advising your friends whenever you notice them take bad decisions. Remember that you are not their parent. Use gentle words and gentle advice. Do not command them.



Ensure that when your friend is romantically involved with someone else, you are not all up in their business. It is important to maintain care when it comes to exes and crushes of your friends. Gaining the blessing/go ahead of your friend can be important.



It is important to ensure that you are not only being dependent on another person or they being dependent on you alone. Friendships should be a two-way thing and not one-sided. Do things for each other, listen to each other, help each other.