June 13, 2024
Gadget Tips From You

5 Must have Gadget for Men

Men mostly on the comment section have asked what kind of gadget would make everyday living more comfortable and enable them to achieve their weekly & monthly goals.

This article will show my 5 most important gadgets for everyman.


Air pod: This is a generic Bluetooth wireless headphone that can be used with any mobile device in listening to voice calls, music while you carry out your daily task.

Air pod offers you more talk time and with the seamlessly new wireless case, Air pod delivers unparalleled wireless headphone experience.

It also has optical sensors and motion accelerometers which works together to automatically control the audio experience of the air pod, while using the microphone for phone calls, Siri access, and also enables the air pods to play sound as soon as they’re in your ears.

Air Pods offers a cord-free wireless audio experience for its users for up to 5 hours, they are rechargeable though you can get up to 24 hours on a single charge.

The major concern of users is that does the Air pod fall out easily from the ears? I personally don’t think so especially using the air pod during regular activity.

The air pod can also answer calls on its own for example when the call comes in double tap the outside of the Air Pod to answer the call, to hang up the call you can also double tap your Air Pod, making this gadget a must-have for men.



SmartWatch: SmartWatch is another important gadget for men, as the watch has gone beyond knowing what the time is to perform other functions like voice memos, a calculator, streaming audio to tracking your wife’s menstrual cycle which sounds funny but could help you plan, you know what I mean.

Most importantly the health and fitness functions, making the watch an important Centre for your personal health all these calculation from your wrist.

The most prominent in the IT world is the Apple Watch, but other companies have produced smartwatches that sync well with other devices other than IOS devices.

Once these smartwatches are connected to any device via software usually installed on the device, enabling users to view information from the watch on their phones. This software makes information from these smartwatches readily available on your device.

Another important feature of these smartwatches is the noise monitoring feature which alerts users that the sound in their immediate vicinity has reached a level that could be harmful to their health a common threat that has affected millions of people around the world.

Smart Phone

Smart Phone: This device is a must-have for every man it helps you achieve your daily, weekly and monthly goals; these phones are built to get better and won’t get outdated in just a year.

Aside from the normal activities of messaging, making and receiving a phone call which every phone those. Smart Phone has a more advanced feature which includes web browsing, software application and a mobile operating system.

Choosing a smartphone that meets your needs becomes important for example if you’re a professional photographer you should choose a smartphone that has a good camera feature.

Based on your profession or desired needs you could search for smartphone by features such as brand, what year it was produced, availability, size, other body factors which include height, thickness, width and weight and also colour.

Get a good smartphone as it’s an important gadget you need.


Laptop: it’s an important computing device you need in 2019, there are various types ranging from HP, MacBook, Lenovo, Acer, Microsoft, Huawei, Samsung and Apple laptops. Their different feature and budget would determine the type of gadget you need. Whether you need the laptop for work, studying, web browsing and social media activities it’s a device that would surely meet these needs.

A laptop provides large storage compared to a mobile phone, can be used to store your data, it’s portable and be used in almost anywhere, it’s also an important gadget that makes our job become much easier, recording music, gaming for recreation and keeping work-related files.


Car: Lastly a car is an important gadget; it is an important means of transportation for your daily commutes every day, enjoying the independence that comes with owning your own vehicle.

 “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust and drive to always reach my destination.” —Jimmy Dean

A car is important because it provides you with the opportunity to travel a long distance in areas where there is lack of transportation.

The following should be considered in buying a car;

Firstly your budget that is how much you can afford, other factors include the body type, the engine type whether a petrol or diesel engines, fuel economy which involve the rate of fuel consumption, safety, depreciation and lastly get your car insured as it gives you entitlement to claim from the insurance company in case of any loss.

In case of medical emergencies, pleasure trips, a car is a good means of transportation and it easily coveys the minimum of 1 to 6 persons depending on the type of vehicle used. Although some consider owning a car as a luxury, I think having a car is a necessity in the 20th century and a very important gadget to own in order to achieve your goals.

Is there any other gadget that you think should be included leave a comment as I also want to learn from you.


I am an I.T Professional with years of experience delivering top-notch IT services in an enterprise environment a football nerd and a lover of providing solutions to ICT related

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