The Zenith bank mobile banking allows its customers to carry out all sorts of transactions from the comfort of their homes, on their phones.

Each transaction needs to be completed using your registered four-digit pin.


 The Zenith bank *966# mobile banking even allows for cardless withdrawals. It is available 24/7 and does not need an internet connection to work.


To create a pin.

  • Dial *966*00#.
  • Enter the last four digits of your debit card number.
  • Follow the options and create a four-digit pin. You will be asked to confirm it.
  • If successful, your account balance will be sent to your mobile number.


To reset your pin, dial *966*60# and follow the provided options.


To retrieve the pin for your debit card, dial *966*60# and select option 4. Follow the options and select carefully.


To transfer money to another account, dial *966*amount*account number#.


To purchase airtime for self, dial *966*amount#.

For a third party, *966*amount*mobile number#.


To check account balance, dial *966*00#.


To open a Zenith bank account, dial *966*0# and select the steps that apply to you.


To block a stolen for missing debit card, dial *966*60#. Select option 6 and fill appropriately.


For a cardless withdrawal, dial *966*60# and select option 7.


For POS transactions, dial *966*000#.


To deactivate your mobile banking account, dial *966*20*0#. And follow the options.


To stop all debit transactions on your account, dial *966*911#. Follow the steps until successful.