December 3, 2023
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Step By step on how to Update WhatsApp to newer Version in 2020

Step By step on how to Update WhatsApp.


Step 1: Go the device app store, for Android you go the google play store icon, and for iPhone device, go to the IOS App store.

App store icon for Android and iPhone

Step 2: in the IOS App store or google play store search to go to the list of applications.

Search the application for Whatsapp

Step 3: Search for WhatsApp in the list of apps.

Step 4: Select WhatsApp, then you would see the Update Icon, click on it to begin updating Whatsapp.

Update icon for WhatsApp

Step 5: Accept permission to begin Updating Whatsapp.

How long does it take to update Whatsapp to a newer version?

Usually, it takes about a couple of minutes to update WhatsApp on your device depending on the strength of your mobile network or Wi-Fi.


Why should I update WhatsApp to a newer Version?

At computer Click, we encourage you to update your WhatsApp as soon as you notice that update is available, as the latest version contains newest features of the application, bug fixes and improves the security of WhatsApp.

Thank you for reading I hope with these steps you were able to Update WhatsApp to a newer version on your iPhone or Android device.

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