A lot of women and men in Nigeria has a strong desire to monitor the activities of their partners over the mobile phone, especially coming into the new year 2020. One good thing about technology is the ability to proffer solutions to certain problems – the developer of this app probably had trust issues and wanted to find a way to spy on his love without feeling like a stalker – yes this app isn’t illegal and doesn’t make you feel like a stalker, I would tell you why in a bit.


According to the developer although trust is very important in any relationship, trusting your partner blindly may cost you dear (this is a sub for something going on in the country – comment if you get the sub). This app for couples can help prevent cheating stay connected and strengthen love especially if you are in a long-distance relationship.


With that out of the way – I present to you Couple Tracker – Mobile monitor, the app for those people that are trying to build trust real-time.


By the way, the app has over 10,000+ downloads on the Google play store, so you all agree with me that a lot suffer from this.

Spy App Review

How Does This App Help You Spy On Your Love

This is a mutually beneficial app; you would need to install it on both your device and your partner’s device. Once installed, you both will be able to monitor each other’s location, text messages, calls and Facebook activity – like a two-way thing.



Well, the developer listed the following benefits that you might find quite believable, they include:



The app developer has probably not met Nigerian men that can get another phone strictly for cheating. Anyways the app developer believes the app can prevent an affair since you both get to see what the other does in real-time.

spy app features


Instead of you waiting for your lover to get home, you can see your partner’s phone activity in real-time.

spy app features 1

  1. Doesn’t make you feel like a Stalker.

Unlike so many paid apps, this app is a 2-way thing, that ensures you and your partner stay true to yourself

spy app features 2

Functions of a Spy App

  1. The ability to see text messages in real-time
  2. The ability to see your partner’s location
  3. The ability to see all phone activities without deleting or hiding.
  4. Lastly the ability to see your partner’s call history.


So, if at any point you feel your lover doesn’t trust you enough ( probably because you messed up before) and you love her enough to stay in the relationship and fight for her trust, the developer wants you to try this app out.

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(Disclaimer:  I am not the one hosting it – I am more like the conductor in this)

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