If you are having Internet trouble and it is taking forever to get to customer care, this article is for you. 

It will take you through easy steps to configuring your 4G LTE network on your android phone.

The configuration below is for 9mobile subscribers only.


  • Go to Settings on your android phone.
  • Select the option which says Mobile network/mobile data.
  • Click the option, Access Point Names(APN).
  • Click add or edit.

You are to fill it with the details below.

– Name: 9mobile Internet

– APN: 9mobile

– Proxy:

– Port: 8080

– Username: Not Set

– Password: Not Set

– Server: Not Set

– MMSC: Not Set

– MMS Proxy: Not Set

– MMS Port: Not Set

– MCC: do not change this field

– MNC: do not change this field

– Authentication Type: Not Set

– APN type: default

– APN protocol: Ipv4

– APN roaming protocol: Ipv4

– Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled

– Bearer: Unspecified

– MVNO Type: None

– MVNO Value: Not set

Once you have filled in everything above and saved, your 9mobile 4G LTE network will be ready for use.