September 24, 2022

3 Steps to easily fix “Pandora Not available in this Country” Error Mobile or PC


This article contains the easy steps to fix the Pandora Not available in this Country this error is usually o mobile or Pc, the article is separated into two parts, A and B.


 A for iOS users/PC while B of this article is for Android Users

There is usually a limited amount of music stored on Pcs, Mobile devices – usually after a week or month of listening they get repeated over and over again on the playlist whether you have shuffle on or off, the easy step to solve this problem, especially how to discover new music and provide more variety, to enjoy your music experience. Online Music Radio stations are usually available as they provide the latest tracks topping the charts on various billboard platforms, categorized according to the genre for your listening pleasure for users.

pandora is not available in this country

This is one of the most prominent online radio stations that allow music, talk-show and comedy streaming on the Web or Mobile device which is called PANDORA but certain countries (including Nigeria) are restricted from using this awesome FREE service with an optional paid subscription plan available.


Below are the Steps by Steps to Bypass “PANDORA Not available in this country” Error



if you’re reading this article there’s a chance are you’ve seen that error while trying to listen to pandora on the Web or using the Mobile App. This step is an easy fix that does not require any third-party software installation, this step is applicable to iPhones/iPads but the DNS Edit can be done on PC or other Mobile devices.


Step 1: Solution to Access Pandora on Mobile

When connected to a good Wifi, Make this DNS change on your phone device.

Open Settings then Select Wi-Fi then click on the little blue arrow next to the WiFi name.

Scroll to where it says “DNS” and enter this IP Address


That DNS is provided for free by Portaller and when used allows you to access stuff available only in the US.


Step 2: Solution to Access Pandora on PC Web Browser

Visit, just in case you see the “Restricted” page displayed no need to worry then install this Free Firefox VPN Addon Called – Hotspot Shield or the Google Chrome VPN Extension – Hotspot Shield.

When Hotspot shield is turned on your mobile device or Pc, this allows you to select a country Virtual Private Network (VPN) such as US or Canada that allows you access to content restricted in your country of access.

Hotspot shield is free to use for most of its features but if you require other advanced features, such as faster or private servers – consider the paid package on the Hotspot Shield.



Step 3: For Access Pandora or other restricted websites in your country is to set up a proxy in your browser.

It’s as easy as the first step for iPhone, no add-on installation needed and works in any browser installed.

– Visit or other free proxy list website, copy an active USA proxy and port to your Browser Network Proxy settings.


One major security tips while using VPNs is never accessed while putting up sensitive information over public VPNs – Turn off your VPN for a while if you wish to access emails, banking details or make a payment online.

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